Isuze Tablet 10.1 inch

Isuze Tablet 10.1 inch

Isuze Tablet 10.1 inch

Isuze Tablet

Isuze Tablet 10.1 inch Android

Isuze Tablet 10.1 inch and Full HD 1920*1200 tablet with DDR3 2GB, Flash – 32GB CPU – Octa Core, Storage for TF Card ,Bluetooth,GPS , Build in 4G& FM,Dual sim

An awesome display of progress.

Isuze Tablet 10.1 inch

The key to the Isuze Tablet 10.1 Inch experience is the display. It’s how you interact using Multi-Touch, and how you view content in spectacular detail. So we choosed our most vivid Retina display ever. The 10.1‑inch tablet  has the highest resolution of any Android device. And the 10.1 -inch Tablet screen — our most advanced display — is the brightest and least reflective in the world.

Best Speaker Audio No matter how you turn it, you’ll want to turn it up Always

Isuze 10.1 inch tablet

With a high-fidelity speaker in each corner, Tablet 10.1 inch creates a rich, wide, and detailed soundstage. It automatically adjusts the orientation of the high frequencies to the topmost speakers, no matter how you’re holding it. So whether you’re playing a game or watching a movie, you — and your ears — will be completely immersed.

Fast wireless connectivity.

Isuze 10.1 Tablet

Isuze Tablet can connect to the fastest Wi-Fi or cellular networks so you can surf the web, stream movies, and share documents from virtually anywhere. With the Wi-Fi + Cellular model, you can also make phone and Skype calls — or even create a hotspot — using your existing data plan. For ultimate flexibility, the 10.1‑inch  tray for a standard carrier SIM. And, because of LTE Advanced, the Isuze Tablet enables up to 50 percent faster cellular connections

So many ways to stay connected. All Wi‑Fi + Cellular models are unlocked, so you can pop in any carrier SIM card to stay connected when you’re out of Wi-Fi range. For added convenience, SIM Will work on the 10.1‑inch Tablet in a number of countries, in Build 3G and 4G LTE Connectivity.


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